Adding value

We do much more than ‘just’ supply stock to our customers. Adding value is an integral part of every contract and transaction we undertake ensuring that our customers benefit from the most cost-effective sourcing available.

That means being flexible with our processing, logistics and planning so that our customers get exactly what they need in the right quantities, at the right time and place, for competitive prices.

We work closely with our customers from the planning stage right through to delivery. We have highly qualified staff including Rolls Royce-trained engineers and qualified metallurgists. Our knowledge of material availability is second to none and, due to our worldwide customer base, an experienced export/import department. We have a single point of contact for accounts and our own fleet of vehicles to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Our latest bar saws deliver high-speed, accurate and burr-free cutting of bars and other extrusions up to 540mm. Plate saws provide cut blanks up to 155mm thick and up to 4m long. Guillotine cutting of Aluminium sheet up to 10mm thick and 3m long.

A 5-axis simultaneous machining centre now offers customers parts machined to near net shape saving processing time and scrap. This provides very flexible high-speed machining of aluminium parts from extrusion, plates and forgings. Competitive pricing is assured through high productivity with 5-sided machining in a single set-up together with loading / unloading of parts and fixtures whilst the machine is running.

Ultrasonic flaw-detection testing, Spectrotest alloy verification, hardness testing and electrical conductivity testing is provided on request.

To find out more about our extensive processing facilities, contact us.

We make best use of:

  • Material by cutting to matrix/billeting/NTS (near net shape/size)
  • Our customer’s time and our machines by completing first to third stage of machining work – to ensure our customers can start adding value as soon as they take delivery
  • Time – thanks to single monthly invoicing, parent & child certification and automatic customer schedule downloads via IT integration
  • Our transport – so that JIT requirements are always met